How to Play

Getting started

The aim of Beat the Street is to see how many points you can earn for you and your school team in 6 weeks by walking, running, or cycling between Beat Boxes. 

You should have received a fob to play with from your school, along with a map.

Playing the game

Find the Beat Boxes nearest to your school on the map.

Tap the Beat Box with your card until it beeps and flashes.

Walk, cycle, run or scoot to a different Beat Box within an hour.

Tap the Beat Box with your card or fob until it beeps and flashes to score 10 points.

Now carry on your journey and score more points for each extra Beat Box you tap.

Beattie's Challenge

Help Beattie the Hedgehog to play Beat the Street! Complete his 5 challenges to earn a Beat the Street certificate.

Download your challenge sheet here and email when you've completed the challenge to claim your certificate. 

Any question email us on

Good Luck!