About us

Intelligent Health is the organisation behind Beat the Street. It was founded with a mission to build active communities by fostering connections between individuals, their communities, and the environment. This helps improve health and resilience across a community and enables people to take positive action together. Intelligent Health is led by the esteemed Dr. William Bird MBE, a pioneer in the field of physical activity and health improvement for over three decades.

We understand the challenges posed by ill health, inequalities, and climate change to people and where we live, and we work tirelessly with partners to address these complex issues. Beat the Street, has engaged 1.8 million participants in 168 communities, encouraging walking and cycling and inspiring lasting change by enabling people to make small change to daily movement. In addition to this, we offer support for workplace wellbeing, insights, clinical training in physical activity, and behaviour change, working closely with a range of partners.

Mother and son playing Beat the Street

Driven by a passion for health and a commitment to integrity, collaboration, and ambition, the Intelligent Health team is dedicated to creating inclusive and supportive environments where everyone can thrive. Our expertise in community engagement, behavioural science, data analysis, and marketing, coupled with our advanced digital platform, enables us to support partners in building sustainable health and wellbeing.

Beat the Street is a transformative tool for places and people that combines behavioural science and evidence, with a game at its core. This empowers individuals of all ages to connect with their surroundings and make positive changes to their daily routines. Each place is different and the programme is tailored to the unique assets and priorities of each community. Through the Go weeks, events calendar and content we highlight the assets, events and activities already in a place.

Through our insights, we provide partners with actionable information to drive meaningful change at a local level.

At Intelligent Health, we are committed to not only demonstrating the impact of our programmes but also providing actionable insights to drive positive change. Our focus on nature connectedness, wellbeing, and resilience allows us to deliver meaningful outcomes for communities across the United Kingdom and beyond.

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